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CASA means "a person's house or home"


The coffee pot in our home is always full. Some of our favorite moments revolve around a pot of coffee at the kitchen table. It's these moments that have brought us here. Our CASA blend is designed to cultivate these moments in your home.

Some can say that Nayarit is the underdog of Mexican coffee. We were won over by the traditional flavors of deep chocolate and walnut that are classically associated with washed coffee and the modern flavors that develop during the drying process on the patios outside of Tepic, Nayarit.

We intentionally built CASA to honor the hard work and tradition of Nayarit and its coffee producers. Roasted for balance, smoothness and drinkability with a rich nutty profile and a tropical fruit finish.



Casa is built on two lots from Nayarit:

Inglaterra Selecta Washed


Nayarit Natural EP SHG




CASA was earthed outside the small community of El Cuarenteño, which is home to 683 residents.


Our Inglaterra Select Blend, is produced by three societies within El Cuarenteño:


BASILIO - 33 members | 25 men and 8 women
PROCAA - 25 members | 20 men and 5 women
RIVIERA - 15 members | 10 men and 5 women


Varietals Include:  Catuai, Caturra, Typica, and Mundo Novo 


The rest of our CASA blend is made up of our Nayarit Natural EP SHG lot. It is produced by the community of Cofradia de Chocolon, with a population of 593.

Cofradia de Chocolon includes the following societies:

CALDIO - 83 members | 66 men and 17 women

PROCAA - 25 members | 20 men and 5 women
CAFESUMEX - 10 members | 7 men and 3 women


Varietals Include:  Catuai, Caturra, and Typica 


Fill your cup and experience the flavors that unite us . . .

CASA Blend

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