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OBRA means "The act of building something"

Full-bodied, rich and nutty with a heavy backbone. These are the characteristics that we look for when building out a blend with Espresso in mind - but we wanted OBRA to be more than that. We wanted a combination of great flavors that hold milk well.  This can be in a latte, cappuccino or even as a press pot or drip. 

OBRA is built to tell a story. It's purpose is to celebrate the linking of hands of the coffee farmers across Mexico and the garnering of great respect for their amazing OBRA

With that in mind, we built 
OBRA using coffee from farming communities In the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Nayarit. It's a celebration of the distinct and wonderful flavors found across Mexico. 





OBRA begins with a washed coffee from Finca Santa Cruz.

Finca Santa Cruz sits on 60 acres in the heart of legendary Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Concordia, Chiapas.

Jose "Pepe" Arguello purchased his coffee farm from his father, a well known coffee producer in Chiapas, who owned the farm for many years. 

Since taking over the farm, Pepe has continued to turn heads with an agronomically advanced and conservation driven method for coffee farming and a passion for collaboration and experimentation. 


Pepe harvests cherries according to Brix (measuring the sugar content of the fruit) and ferments according to pH (the actual acidity of the fermentation). His science driven and precise methods have led to Finca Santa Cruz becoming one of the most celebrated coffee farms across Mexico. 

During Cupping, we were blown away by the chocolate-covered cherry effect of this lot. At first sip, we knew we wanted to build OBRA around it.


OAXACA . . .


In Sierra SurOaxaca, coffee is a way of life for families. Sicobi is a community made up of 131 families of Zapotec descent.

Varietals include, Pluma, Caturra, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo. 

This coffee comes from many small family farms in the hills of the 
Sierra Madre. The farms are often as small as an acre of trees behind someone's house.


After picking, cherries are brought to a central location for processing, where the bean is removed from the cherry and dried out in the sun. 

Sicobi Nanixhe is the 2nd coffee in our OBRA blend.




We finished OBRA with an old frien - our Natural Process from Nayarit, which is found in our CASA blend, and one of our favorite lots that we have tried. 

Nayarit Natural SHG EP is grown in small communties outside of El Cuarenteño, a tiny pueblo in the mountains surrounding Tepic, Nayarit

The Natural Process of drying this coffee at Duende Dry Mill (the only dry mill in the area) allows the amazing fruit flavors of the region to really shine and delivers a fresh fruited finish to OBRA.


Nayarit Natural SHG EP is the 3rd coffee in our OBRA blend.

OBRA Blend

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